Artem (Artyom) Saveliev/Artyom Justin Hansen’s adoptive mother decided she didn’t want him so put him on a plane back to Russia With him traveled a letter that read

The fact that the child has phsycological difficulties is disputed by Russia’s Ombudsman for Children’s rights,Pavel Astakhov. According to NIKTO NE ZABYT/Nobody Is Forgotten

Astakhov, barely containing his disgust, told RT (video, not print) that Artem’s orphanage records indicate he had no health or psychological problems and was “normal” when he left Russia.

but even if it were true that he had psychological issues that his adopter wasn’t aware of does that justify sending him back? I don’t think so and if it does dosentt that tumble down the lie that adoptive children are “as born to” and “just the same as if they were biological”? Because how many parents of biological children disown their children when it turns out they have disabilities or mental heath issues? I’m sure it must happen sometimes but with adoptees it happens frequently: this product is defective, send it back, and very often when the adoptee is acting out in completely understandable ways that are logical reactions to abandonment, institutionalisation and attachment issues.

Did the poor kid even know what was happening? did he know he was being abandoned again? What did they tell him? Did they tell him that they didn’t want him anymore? That he wasnt good enough, that sorry I know we promised to be a “forever family” but we changed our minds?

Acording to the The Guardian

This had pushed russia to call for a freeze on international adoptions though Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in televised remarks that the ministry would recommend that the U.S. and Russia hammer out an agreement before any new adoptions are allowed.

“We have taken the decision … to suggest a freeze on any adoptions to American families until Russia and the USA sign an international agreement” on the conditions for adoptions and the obligations of host families, Lavrov was quoted as saying.

Lavrov said the U.S. had refused to negotiate such an accord in the past but “the recent event was the last straw.”

Which is about bloody time considering how many internationaly adopted Russian adoptees die at the hands of their adoptive families