About six months ago I started writing a blog from an anti adoption perspective. The more research I did on the is issues the more I realised you can’t disconnect adoption from racism, classism, misogyny,ableism colonialism, capitalism and individualism. you can’t build adoption alternatives without talking about reproductive justice, the politics of motherhood, mental health, education, anti racism, feminism, disability rights, poverty

I realised however much we talk about family preservation you can’t support families in a vacuum, the best way to support families is through communities and communities don’t just happen on their own. It’s the job of everyone to weave their communities together. I’ve always been a community weaver. I’ve not always thought of myself like that but its something I’ve been doing for years both personally and professionally

I hate the term community building. The idea of building gives an image of something being done by outsiders with resources that are maybe not appropriate whereas weaving brings an image of putting together resources that are already there and that are relevant and useful to the community.

One Response to “Why this blog?”

  1. Beezie Says:

    Thank, you.

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