I am so sick if hearing “we are all adopted by god, therefore we should adopt children” rhetoric that floats around in christian circles, it drives me mad

I also find it ironic that examples from the bible of people who were adopted usually focus on Moses and Jesus. Really? Moses? Moses killed someone went back to his first family and called down devastation on the family and community he grew up in, If this is supposed to be an example of how adoption is supposed to be a positive thing you are doing it wrong.

And Jesus? Seriously? how is he an example of adoption? he grew up with his biological mother and with Joseph his step father. Jesus Knew who his real father was and had an ongoing close relationship with him. That’s the point of the story. If you don’t believe this why are you Christians exactly?

Being adopted by God is not at all the same as earthly adoption. adoption by God does not entail loss of history, culture, names, bloodlines and a lifelong feeling of abandonment

Some of the way adoption is talked about sound suspiciously like a new spin on saving the heathens

What started as a way for them to add to their family after Shonni had complications with a pregnancy has become a Christian mission to help the orphans of the world, as written of in the New Testament, and to raise children strong in faith.

“This is our answer to the great commission, but instead of going out into the mission field, we are bringing them to us to raise them up as disciples of Christ, and then let them out into the world,” Steve Hassoldt said.

people who talk about adoption in these terms seem to have no idea of the effect adoption has on a child

the Biblical foundation for Adoption page says

Children placed in adoption experience God’s grace in a similar way to children who are born into a family. Adopted children can feel comfort and love, knowing that a future was planned for them that was in their best interest. As children grow older this can be palpable evidence of God’s direction and sovereignty in their lives.

I think these people have never talked to any adoptees, none of the adoptees I know, including the ones who grew up in good adoptive families do not feel that adoption was some positive preordained plan and lots of them do not feel that adoption was in their best interests.As a young adoptee growing up in a christian household I was furious with god. i didn’t feel any comfort and love when i thought about being adopted, I felt abandoned, unwanted, awkward about my very existence.