so it’s national adoption month. Yay!..only not. I keep stumbling across ways to celebrate adoption month

But what about those of us who find nothing to celebrate in adoption? What about those of us for whom adoption just equates with grief and loss? what about those of us who want adoption stopped? how do we negotiate this month?

I came up with some things that might help us deal with it.

Sign up to National Blog Posting Month and blog your feelings around adoption every day for a month
Light a candle for someone or something you lost through adoption
Make a collage
Raise money for a family preservation charity
Prite a letter to someone adoption separated you from
Volunteer for a charity that mentors/supports families at risk of family breakdown
plant a rose
Take a whole day out of your life to pamper yourself in
Buy yourself a book on dealing with adoption issues

Any one got any other Ideas?

Mirah and readers over at Family preservation advocacy are coming up with more suggestions.