I recently added myself to the Open Adoption Bloggers blogroll. I am currently the only adult adoptee who is writing purely from that position (as opposed to being an adoptive parent or a first parent as well.) Which i think is just a reflection of the fact that it is really unusual for someone my age to have grown up in an open adoption.

I didn’t take part in the last round table because I’d only just started this blog and wasn’t sure myself how open I was going to be on it but also because i didn’t realise how uneasy i would feel writing about open adoption. Firstly because there were a really specific set of circumstances to my open adoption that will identify me absolutely to any family members who stumble across this and I don’t know how I feel about that. Secondly because anything I write about open adoption, like anything I write about adoption in general, will be deep and heavy with sadness and sharp with anger.

I don’t want people reading my writings on the subject to think I am anti open adoption. I am deeply ambivalent about my own open adoption because it was a new concept at the time and nobody knew what they were doing and none of the adults involved had the best interest of myself at heart. Despite my own feelings on my own experiences of open adoption I do think open adoption is vastly preferable to closed adoption, at least then adoptees will know who they come from, who they look like, who they get their quirks and aptitudes from that none of their adoptive family have