Found this at I Blame the Mother

Yes, that’s right, the mother isn’t even a proper mother yet and already social workers have decided that she is unable to properly care for the child. Why? Because she has learning disabilities. You know what? So do I. Learning disabilities do not mean someone is unable to care for a child. They mean that someone needs assistance with learning, not that they’re unable to learn.

But now we’ve advanced so far! No one is saying this woman should be sterilised, just that she shouldn’t be given a chance to be a mother. Because clearly people with disabilities are incompetent mothers. They can’t possibly have partners or family members to assist them if they do need assistance. And, social workers can’t assist either. They’re too busy taking away the child and blaming the mother.

But Hey! On the plus side an over educated, affluent middle class couple will get a child out of it!

Fuck, what kind of world are we living in?